A change is coming

This post isn’t going to be easy to write. I figured that out as I struggled to start it, erasing at least four different opening sentences before just deciding on one – honesty.

For the last few years, I’ve poured my heart, soul and effort into Wild Nation and it has brought me many great opportunities. It was borne out of my work at Hockey Primetime (where I am now the Chief Online Editor), it led to my time at Bleacher Report as the Featured Correspondent for the Minnesota Wild which, in turn, led to my current role at Stadium Journey as the Minnesota Regional Correspondent.

As my role with Hockey Primetime has grown, I’m sure that many of my readers have noticed that I have had less and less time to devote to Wild Nation. I’ve pushed through it, trying to provide as consistent content as I could but, after this year’s NHL Entry Draft, I began writing for Hockey’s Future. Through that, a new opportunity has opened up for me to write more consistently about the NHL – what has turned into, essentially, my dream opportunity. The downside of this opportunity is that it leaves me with little-to-no time to provide you with the kind of content that I want to in regards to the Minnesota Wild.

Keeping that in mind, Wild Nation is not going away – it is simply changing.

Starting next week, Wild Nation will instead become a weekly blog on Hockey Primetime. I will still provide my insight and views on the Wild – it will just be on a weekly basis.

This is a bittersweet moment for me, as I move on, and I hope to one day bring Wild Nation back to you, better than before. But, until then, you all have my heartfelt thanks for reading my work and supporting Wild Nation, and I hope that you continue to do so as it transitions to Hockey Primetime.

Thank you,

Blake Benzel

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