HPT Live: 2011 NHL All-Star Game

And now for the Grand Finale. Everything this weekend has led up to this one game. Team Staal vs. Team Lidstrom, for all the marbles. Join J.P. Hoornstra, Denis Gorman, Ms. Conduct and myself for an afternoon of live blogging. Bring your questions and comments and chat with us during the game!

HPT Live: 2011 NHL Skills Competition

The teams have been selected, and we’re back here now with our live blog of the NHL Skills Competition for this year’s All-Star Weekend. So, sit back, enjoy and chat along with myself, J.P. Hoornstra and Ms. Conduct as we provide the snarky commentary you’re used to.

Updated:Havlat and Burns Selected by Team Lidstrom

This is only going to be a brief post, as I’m doing some prep work for our live blog tonight, but here you go:

UPDATE: The players have been selected for the different skill events. Martin Havlat will participate in the shooting accuracy and skills challenge relay events, while Brent Burns will participate in the hardest shot. Both players will participate in the elimination shootout.

I’ve got to admit, I was a bit nervous about the draft. With Ryan Kesler being an alternate captain on Team Staal, I was worried that I might be forced to pull for a team that had Ryan Kesler on it, and I wasn’t sure how okay I was with that.

But, alas, my worry was all for naught as Brent Burns and Martin Havlat were selected in back-to-back picks by Team Lidstrom, joining what is looking to be quite the dominant team in this year’s All-Star Game.

If you want to see the complete rosters, click here, otherwise check back here tonight for all the live blog fun. Tonight, I’ll be joined by J.P. Hoornstra again, as well as Ms. Conduct, so enjoy!

HPT Live: The NHL All-Star Player Fantasy Draft

Come one, come all!

Join myself and J.P. Hoornstra as we live blog the All-Star Fantasy Draft, starting at 7:45 p.m. EST tonight!