Early Round Two Live Blog Schedule

Alright.  Second round, here we come.

There were some (read: a lot) of surprises in the first round, and the second is shaping up to be quite intriguing.

So, without any further ado, here are our live blogs (which will, again, include myself as well as live blog extraordinaires Justin Bourne and Ms. Conduct).

Thursday, April 29 – Well, this would be tonight and a LOT of short notice.  While I will not be live blogging, I will be watching the first game of the San Jose Chokes and Detroit Red Wings series with my little girl (who, for the record, chose the Red Wings to make the Cup Finals at 19 months).  The puck drops on this one at 8 p.m. Central Time.

Friday, April 30 – Montreal Canadiens @ Pittsburgh Penguins, 6:00 p.m. Central (CBC, RDS, Versus)

Saturday, May 1 – Unfortunately, prior plans have gotten in the way of my blogging of the start to the two most intriguing series’ in these playoffs.  BUT, you will definitely want to check out the two games today between Boston and Philly and Chicago and Vancouver for maximum playoff enjoyment.

Sunday, May 2 – No blogging today, but again there are two very fantastic games. Pittsburgh and Montreal in the afternoon and San Jose and Detroit in the evening.

Monday, May 3 – Vancouver Cancks @ Chicago Blackhawks, 8:00 p.m. Central (CBC, Versus)

Tuesday, May 4 – No dice tonight, for a family night, but once again Montreal and Pittsburgh are lining up and Detroit and San Jose are too.

Wednesday, May 5 – Prior plans have this night shot for the live blogging, but by no means should that stop you from checking out Game Three of the two series’ on.

Thursday, May 6 – San Jose Sharks @ Detroit Red Wings or Pittsburgh Penguins @ Montreal Canadiens, based on which is available in my area.

Friday, May 7 – Chicago Blackhawks @ Vancouver Canucks, 8:30 p.m Central (CBC, Versus)

There you go.  I’ll have the next week’s games up as we see how these series’ go!

Live Blog Action: Predators @ Blackhawks

Wild Nation Playoff Live Blog: Vancouver Canucks @ Los Angeles

Here comes the live blog again!  Tonight, we’ve got the Kings/’Nucks game in all of its glory.  It will be the same opinionated drivel with myself, Justin Bourne and Ms. Conduct talking hockey and making fools of ourselves all at once.  The series is tied at 1-1, so it should be an increasingly fun game as playoff hockey comes back to LA for the first time in 5 years.  The festivities start at 9 pm CST.


Wild Nation Playoff Blog: Montreal Canadiens @ Washington Capitals

Game one was a resounding success for the Habs, as they downed the Caps 3-2 in overtime, with Tomas Plekanec scoring the game winning goal.  Tonight’s game will see Alex Ovechkin try and rebound from an uncharacteristically poor outing in Game one and lead the Capitals to victory to even the series heading back to Montreal.  Join myself and Justin Bourne (and more) in the live blogging fun tonight, only found on the Hockey Primetime network!

HPT Live Trade Deadline Blog

It’s officially here folks.  Christmas in March!  The NHL Trade Deadline is upon us and we will be live blogging it here and on Hockey Primetime and Bourne’s Blog, as well as having a live radio broadcast hosted by Primetime Radio.  Enjoy the festivities!

Live Blogging Action – Wild/Nucks

For those of you joining me for my live blogage of the Wild v. Canucks game tonight, welcome to Wild Nation!  I’ve opted to go the old school route for tonight’s game and to blog live without the assistance of the usual CoveritLive.

The Wild come into tonight after a dominating win over the Calgary Flames last night and the Canucks are coming off of a 4-2 victory over the Atlanta Thrashers on Thursday.

This should be a fantastic game between two division rivals and we’ll be getting underway soon!  In the meantime, check out NHL.com’s gameday preview here.

First Period

20:00 – And we’re underway in Vancouver.  The goalies are Josh Harding and Roberto Luongo tonight.  The Wild start with Belanger, Clutterbuck and Kobasew on forward and Zidlicky and Zanon on D.

19:15 – Kesler got through pretty cleanly and went down, but looked like it was under his own power.

18:47 – G-Lat will be going to the box as he chop blocked Mason Raymond.  Powerplay to Vancouver as they have started out pretty strong.

18:16 – Josh Harding looked to be blowing the game as he dropped to his knees with the puck on the goal line and Daniel Sedin shelfs the puck.  Goal Vancouver.

17:06 – Havlat’s line is buzzing, but no quality scoring chances come from it.  Incidentally, the scratches for the Wild are Scott (healthy), Ebbett (concussion) and Nolan (lower body).

14:57 – Good scoring chance by..wait for it…Derek Boogaard!  The Canucks took exception to the fact that Boogaard actually hit the net and it looks like the refs gave him a penalty for it.  Actually, it was Boogaard retaliating on a Hordichuk jab after the play, but the first part sounds better.

13:44 – 2-0 Canucks early, as Mason Raymond takes a nice shot between the feet of Kim Johnsson to beat Harding.  This could be a short night for the team’s backup.

12:19 – Good interference defensive play by Miettinen to take Raymond out of the play as Schultz got caught pinching in the neutral zone.

11:40 – Something happened to someone and we have a stoppage.  TV Timeout!!

11:03 – Boarding coming to Schneider on Sheppard.  My God.  That was an ugly hit.  Shep is fine, but that should have been more than 2 minutes.  Powerplay Minnesota.

10:03 – Is he even human!!?!?  Bobby Lou just ROBBED Miettinen with a brilliant glove save.  My goodness that was a beautiful save!!

9:03 – The penalty expires without anything of note happening, other than Louie’s glove save.  Another lackluster powerplay from the Wild.

8:02 – Save by Luongo and the teams decide to dogpile after the fact.  I wonder if Luongo had any say in the matter?

7:04 – Icing on Vancouver after a very nice breakout by the Wild.  Havlat got the puck in full stride, but Mitchell played it fantastically and forced him to shoot, helping Luongo make the save.

6:05 – Just as I was about to say “What in the world is Shane Hnidy doing sitting on the doorstep,” Havlat hits Hnidy on the backdoor (sounds strange, I know) and Hnidy buries it to make it 2-1!

5:50 – Clutterbuck says hello to Luongo after a whistle and Vancouver doesn’t like that.  I don’t understand it.  He was just complimenting his flowing brown locks.

5:39 – A great tic-tac-toe play by Vancouver ended up loose in front of Harding and Zidlicky tapped it into the corner.  Actually, it was more like tic-tac-tac-tac-toe.

5:05 – Harding makes a nice save with Burrows sitting on his shoulder.  Not sure, but that might have been just a touch of interference, but Harding saved the puck so no-harm, no-foul.

3:15 – After a mismatch in lines, Burrows sniped Harding high, glove-side.  Harding just looks to be fighting it as he’s giving up far too many rebounds.

2:20 – Good sharp angle shot by Raymond.  After drawing close, the Wild are really pressing a little too hard and are giving up some good chances.

1:27 – G-Lat is making his second trip to the box for interference.  Looks like Richards is giving the ref a hard time for the way he called the penalty…A little shimmy, a little shake and the Wild are shorthanded.

37.1 – Vancouver decided to be kind and even it up for the Wild as Ehrhoff gets the gate for Holding the Stick.

04.9 – The attack of the non-scoring defensemen!  Greg Zanon decides to join the rush, makes a beautiful no-look pass to Havlat, then bats it out of mid-air to deflect it off of Luongo to pull the Wild within one.

00.0 – An exciting first period comes to an end as the Wild are down by one, 3-2.  I’ll be back in roughly 17 minutes with the second!

Second Period

20:00 – And the period is underway as the Wild try to find the equalizer.  A side note, I’m really enjoying Mikko Koivu’s new “grill.”  If you haven’t seen it, it’s quite marvelous.

19:40 – They just showed Backstrom sitting on the bench.  My Lord does he look bored.  He must have forgotten to bring his PSP.

19:04 – Wild have a short powerplay and Miettinen JUST misses a beautiful scoring chance.

17:45 – Who says G-Lat doesn’t have wheels?  He outskates a couple Canucks and takes a nice shot on Luongo.  He’s obviously trying to make up for his two penalties in the first.

16:44 – Good rush by the Wild.  Koivu gets off a great shot from the boards and force a stoppage.

16:05 – Interesting save by Harding.  Mitchell’s shot hits the end of his stick and knocks it out of his hand as the puck flies out of play.

14:30 – The defensemen on the ice for the ‘Nucks just need to take a seat.  Sami Salo just got deked out by…Derek Boogaard.  Words just don’t describe the embarrassment.

12:36 – Brodziak almost gets a very good chance, but the puck just snuck off his stick as Mitchell pushed it to the corner.  Great pressure this period by the Wild.

9:42 – Consecutive penalties coming.  Looks like Bieksa for the ‘Nucks for interference and Boogaard for the Wild for…Get this…Diving.  My mistake.  Bieksa is still on the ice.  ’Nucks PP.

8:45 – Good penalty killing by the Wild as Clutterbuck wrangles Raymond down and the Wild clear the zone.

7:40 – Wild kill off the penalty and we’re even again.

7:17 – Sometimes you’d rather be lucky than good and Luongo was definitely lucky on that one as the puck just seemed to find Luongo’s crotch as he’s sprawled.  On the up side, Minnesota has the powerplay as Raymond goes for hooking.

7:05 – Looks like the Wild will have a four minute powerplay as Raymond gets the gate for hooking AND holding the stick.

6:25 – Note to the Wild: Don’t shoot glove-side high on Luongo.  He’ll save it.

5:17 – First of the double minor is over and the Wild are putting some great pressure on the ‘Nucks.

4:21 – Sheppard gets a nice hit in on Kesler with a beautiful shoulder in the Wild’s own end.  Good physical play by the youngster who is playing another great game.

3:22 – Minnesota is just a bit offsides as it breaks up some great pressure.

00.0 – Scoreless period, but a very good one nonetheless.  The score remains at 3-2 and we’ll be back in 17!

Third Period

20:00 – And we’re underway!  Minnesota is looking to even the score here as the third starts.

18:04 – Wild are scrambling a bit in their own zone as Vancouver has come out very strong.  The top line of Koivu-Bruno-Miettinen spent their entire shift in their own zone.

17:07 – Sheppard fires a good shot on Luongo as Bobby Lou looked to be out of position after playing the puck but, of course, Luongo makes the save.

16:56 – I guess that’s the benefit of being Roberto Luongo as a quick whistle stops the play before he has the puck frozen.

15:45 – Incidentally, who are these centers and what have they done with our normal ones?  The Wild are DOMINATING the face off circle.  Sheppard is the only player on the team with less than a 70% faceoff percentage.

14:51 – Havlat is going to go for high sticking as Hansen gets clocked by Havlat’s stick after he lifts the stick.  Tough penalty, but a good call nonetheless, and my fantasy team gets that much happier.

14:41 – I’m good!!  Zanon gets clocked in the shoulder by a shot from Salo, then hops right back up and looks ready to go.

13:49 – The Wild are dead set on wearing a hole into Luongo’s glove as Clutterbuck gets a solid shorthanded chance.

13:16 – And it’s a two goal game once again as Ryan Kesler gets a shot on net and it looked like Bernier deflected it.  Zidlicky also got away with one after the goal as he dumped Bernier well after the horn.

12:05 – Harding is still fighting it as he had to make a nice sliding save.  Way out of position, but still a nice save.

11:16 – Funny moment between Havlat and O’Brien.  Havlat and O’Brien are jawing at one another and Havlat reaches up and unhooks O’Brien’s chinstrap.  Wow.  Just wow.

9:12 – Maybe…Just MAYBE interference on Havlat as he lays a nice pick for Brodziak.  No call and play continues.

8:20 – So much for G-Lat being soft too.  He just LEVELED a Ehrhoff behind the Vancouver net.  Great hit.

6:20 – The pace is picking up as the Canucks are putting the pedal down, applying pressure quite successfully.

5:29 – Good save by Luongo on Clutterbuck and the Wild continue to insist on shooting glove-side high.  It’s time for the Wild to put the hammer down and try to pull out another win.

3:57 – A Sedin to Sedin centering attempt is broken up by Johnsson.  Great heads up defense as the Canucks continue to pressure.

2:00 – Good pressure by the Wild and Luongo has had to come up big a couple times.  Wild are really pressing as Vancouver just dumps the puck deep.

1:06 – Extra attacker on for the Wild and Oh My God has Marty Havlat arrived in Minnesota!!  What a play by Havlat to get the puck to Brunette and get right to the net for the goal!

29.6 – To be honest, there was so much going on in front of the net I don’t exactly know what happened…But the  bottom line is that Luongo got the save.  Great pressure by Minnesota.

00.0 – A spirited effort by the Wild, but to no avail as they fall 4-3.  Stop back later tonight or tomorrow for my thoughts on the game!

Return of the Live Blog!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages…Tonight marks the return of the Live Blog here on Wild Nation!

Those who have followed Wild Nation since our inception know that we are all about the live blog, and tonight we will be covering the return of Marian Gaborik to Minnesota as the New York Rangers visit the Xcel Energy Center.

Coverage will begin at 7pm Central Time (or before, depending on when I can get my computer set up) and we are hoping to have a few guests with us as well.

Click Here to go to our Wild Nation Live page and join in the fun!

Trade Deadline '09 Live Blog

So here we are…D-Day.  The day where teams can be made or sold off in the matter of minutes.  There are a lot of big names in the rumor mill so far today, but we’ll be trying to keep up with all the rumblings and grumblings, as well as the actual moves today, so keep it tuned here!

7:05 am CST - The Fourth Period’s Dave Pagnotta is reporting that the Anaheim Ducks have taken Chris Pronger off the market and that the Detroit Red Wings are actively searching for a goaltender.  Josh Harding anyone?

7:07 am CST – TSN.ca‘s Bob McKenzie reports that Devils GM Lou Lamoriello is actively shopping Scott Clemmensen now that Brodeur has returned.  Clemmensen could be very tempting for anyone looking to upgrade in net.

7:32 am CST – Everyone’s favorite rumor mongor on Hockeybuzz is linking Pascal Leclaire to the Toronto Maple Leafs.

7:37 am CST - Multiple sources (The Fourth Period, Hockeybuzz, TSN) report that the Sabres are closing in on an extension with Tim Connolly.  Dinks everywhere rejoice.

7:39 am CST - Jay Onrait of TSN.ca reports that Bryan Murray will be looking for picks and prospects for players such as Antoine Vermette, Chris Neil and Filip Kuba and that “he doesn’t want to bring any money back.”

7:45 am CST – Puck Daddy’s Greg Wyshynski reports Kevin Bieksa of the Vancouver Canucks as a name that was popping up in the rumor mill last night.

7:51 am CST - The Fourth Period’s Dave Pagnotta is reporting that the San Jose Sharks are going after a depth center, with Jeff Halpern and Dominic Moore squarely on their radar.  He also speculates that a deal for Coyotes defenseman, Derek Morris, will be completed shortly as the ‘Yotes went to sleep on a deal last night and that the Ducks will move Pronger if the deal is good enough.

One thing’s for sure.  The rumor mill is certainly starting to pick up.  As of yet, though, no trades have been completed.

7:56 am CST – TSN’s Pierre McGuire speculates that it will be Nick Boynton, not Jay Bouwmeester, that will be moved today from the Panthers.  Boynton has got to be an enticing option for anyone looking for help on the blueline.

8:00 am CST - One hour in, no moves yet, but the rumors are certainly picking up.  For those of you keeping track at home, the NHL website has a fantastic list of each team’s available draft picks.  Good stuff if you’re looking at assets that could be moved.

8:01 am CST - The Fourth Period reports that Ryan Smyth continues to garner interest.  Where Dave Pagnotta was once skeptical, he now says that he’s “no longer surprised if he’s dealt.”  Keep in mind, however, that Smyth has a No Movement Clause in his contract.

8:08 am CST - Interesting news coming from The Fourth Period.  Dave Pagnotta reports that Ryan Malone was offered up to Pittsburgh yesterday, but the Pens balked at the price.  I no longer think that anyone on the Lightning roster is safe.  We may even see Wes Walz traded to the Wild for Mario Tremblay…That’s a definite e3…

8:13 am CST - ESPN.com’s Pierre LeBrun reports that Garth Snow is making one last ditch effort to get his original trade for Bill Guerin done.  He goes on to say that, if it isn’t completed soon, he may move on to his Plan B, which I can only assume involves Rick DiPietro and a secret government plan to turn him into the 6 Million Dollar Man.

8:16 am CST - On Puck Daddy, Greg Wyshynski has a list of teams he’s strangely obsessed with today.  I do have to admit Wysh…It’s strange to hear that anyone is obsessed with the Florida Panthers any day.

8:18 am CST - Per The Fourth Period, Sean O’Donnell has been inked to an extension by the Kings.  Also, the Habs have recalled goalie Marc Denis from the AHL.

8:37 am CST - Greg Wyshynski of Puck Daddy has warned people not to read too much into the recall of Marc Denis.  Apparently Jaroslav Halak has the flu.

8:41 am CST - On TSN, Cory Woron reports that he has been told by Brian Burke that there have been multiple offers for Nik Antropov.

8:53 am CST - From Andy Strickland on Hockeybuzz, apparently the asking price by Anaheim for Pronger in negotiations with the Blues was T.J. Oshie.  As Strickland said, it “was never going to happen.  The Blues consider Oshie untouchable.”  Also from Hockeybuzz, Filip Kuba has re-signed with the Ottawa Senators.  3 years, $3.75M per.

8:56 am CST - Per Puck Daddy and TSN, the Sabres have offered everyone’s favorite dink, Tim Connolly, a 2-year deal, reportedly worth over $4M per year.

9:00 am CST - Per TSN and TFP, Pascal Leclaire has been traded to Ottawa for Antoine Vermette.  Big trade for both teams, as it fills in needs both places.  The Jackets needed a center and Ottawa needed goaltending.  More to come on this in a bit.

9:03 am CST - Sounds like the trade was Leclaire and a 2nd to Ottawa and Antoine Vermette to Columbus.  Vermette definitely adds a new wrinkle to the Blue Jackets team and it was pretty obvious that Leclaire was going to be the one on his way out after Steve Mason’s emergence.

9:19 am CST – Per TFP, Tim Connolly was signed to an extension.  Details forthcoming.  I am heading into a meeting, so I will update when I return!

9:46 am CST – Back from my meeting and there’s quite a bit to report so far.  From TFP, Dave Pagnotta is reporting that the Predators are looking for an inexpensive scorer (about $2M worth), the Capitals are looking for a 2nd line forward or 2nd pairing defenseman and the Leafs are waiting on a counter offer they’ve made.  Hockeybuzz is reporting that Jonathan Cheechoo is not in play and that Chris Neil is being shopped to San Jose.  Also that San Jose is looking at either Ryan Smyth or Milan Hejduk, but it is importat to note that both have No Trade Clauses.  More meetings upcoming, so I’ll update once I’m out!

9:56 am CST - With just over 4 hours remaining until the deadline, Dave Pagnotta from TFP is reporting that talks appear to be heating up involving both Olli Jokinen heading out of Phoenix and Mark Recchi heading out of Tampa Bay.  Apparently the asking price for Recchi so far has been a prospect and/or a 2nd round pick.

10:16 am CST – More from TFP.  According to Pagnotta, Chicago is pushing hard for a center, while the Flyers are targetting either Derek Morris or Jay Bouwmeester.  Also, Boston is working the phones trying to get a “high-impact player.”  Also, from Hockeybuzz, Dan Tolensky warns buyers to be careful what they wish for.  On Puck Daddy, Wyshynski is speculating that Connolly’s signing and Vermette’s trade could cause Jokinen’s price to jump.

10:30 am CST – Scott Burnside of ESPN.com speculates that the Red Wings could make a run at Chris Neil if the Sens can’t get him signed before the deadline.

10:32 am CST - TFP reports that the Canucks are shopping Mason Raymond as trade bait and TSN is reporting that the Flames are close to acquiring Olli Jokinen.

10:33 am CST -  Hockeybuzz is reporting that the Canucks have interest in Michael Nylander in a multi-player deal.  Could this be part of Raymond being shopped?

10:35 am CST – Puck Daddy is saying that the Maple Leafs could be overvaluing Dominic Moore a tad.

10:40 am CST - In small deals, Sportsnet.ca is reporting that the Blues have traded Andy Wozniewski to to Penguins for Danny Richmond.

10:44 am CST - Per TFP, Colorado has traded Jordan Leopold to Calgary.  No more news yet on details, but Leopold was a key part of Calgary’s Cup run a few years back.  Great move for the Flames.

10:53 am CST - The trade was for Lawrence Nycholat.  The Flames get Leopold, the Avs get Nycholat.

10:59 am CST – Pierre McGuire of TSN loves the Leopold trade for the Flames, saying “Jordan Leopold is a better player than Derek Morris.”  He also would be “shocked” if Kevin Bieksa got traded.  I have to say, I agree on both counts.

11:05 am CST – Mark Christopher of Hockeybuzz has stated that talks with Chris Neil are all but dead and speculates that the team has set a soft deadline of 1pm EST (one hour) to decide what to do with him.

11:09 am CST - Sportsnet reports that the Flyers are no closer to acquiring either Derek Morris or Jay Bouwmeester.  They also report that the Oilers are pursuing Atlanta’s Slava Kozlov and Colby Armstrong, noting that it would kill two birds with one stone; a top line winger and sand paper for a soft line up.

11:11 am CST - Waiver claims galore from TFP.  The Leafs claim Martin Gerber and Erik Reitz, Dallas claims Brendan Morrison and Pittsburgh claims Craig Adams.  From Hockeybuzz, Gary Roberts clears waivers.

11:13 am CST - More from TFP.  Phoenix trades Mikael Tellqvist to Buffalo for a 4th Round pick.

11:19 am CST – Per Hockeybuzz and TSN, the LA Kings have signed Erik Ersberg to a 2-year extension.  Somewhere, Jonathan Bernier just kicked a puppy.

11:21 am CST – TFP has updates on the Calgary/Phoenix situation.  Apparently the offer on the table is Olli Jokinen to Calgary for Matthew Lombardi and a 1st round pick.  Also, apparently Nik Antropov has been agreed to as part of a deal.  The question now is did Brian Burke or “brian burke” approve this deal.

11:36 am CST – Per TFP, Olli Jokinen has been traded to Calgary.  No word on the final deal yet though.  Also, the Thrashers are in talks for Kari Lehtonen, Marty Reasoner and Slava Kozlov.

11:38 am CST - Per TSN, the Jokinen trade is only a rumor at the moment; however, they did mention that a team that was in the running for Jokinen has now been told that he is no longer available.

11:47 am CST – A lot of trades sound to be in the works right now.  I’m pushing off for lunch, but I’ll be back aroudn 12:30 CST with all of your updates for you!

11:49 am CST - Just kidding.  One quick hit before I go.  Boston has acquired Steve Montador from Anaheim in exchange for Petteri Nokelainen and the Calgary deal has been finalized.  Olli Jokinen to Calgary for Matthew Lombardi, Brandon Prust and a 1st Round Pick.  Let the Antropov Wars begin!

12:43 pm CST - So I’m back from lunch and it looks like I’ve only missed one deal.  That deal would be, heading to Boston is Mark Recchi and a 2nd Round pick in the 2010 Entry Draft and heading to Tampa Bay is Matt Lashoff and Martins Karsums.  It looks to me like Boston is stocking up for a solid run, as they have added Montador (who is an extremely under-rated d-man in my books) and Recchi so far.  TFP has reported that they have heard Phil Kessel’s name being bandied about, so Boston may not be done and may be working on something bigger.

Also, from TFP, Dominic Moore has been traded to Chicago, but it has not been released as to who is coming back to Toronto.

12:49 pm CST - The first real Wild news of the day.  Hockeybuzz has reported that the Wild are in talks with both Vancouver and LA in regards to Gaborik.  I have a hard time believing Vancouver, as I doubt the Wild would make a trade to their own division, but if he is indeed being shopped, this could mean that the Wild go into sell mode, especially after dropping three in a row.

12:52 pm CST – Interesting tidbit from Mike Russo at the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.  Apparently Bill Guerin was nearly dealt to the Capitals a few days ago, but the Capitals were unable to unload Michael Nylander, so the trade fell through.

12:55 pm CST - Per Puck Daddy’s blog, Jason Botchford of the Vancouver Province is on twitter (don’t worry, it’s Jason Botchford and not “Jason Botchford”) and has said that a deal is almost worked out that would send Jay Bouwmeester to the Canucks.

More on Bouwmeester rumour mill: Florida wants Vancouver to add hodgson (no chance) or Bieksa to Raymond and a first offer #nhltrade (18 minutes ago)

Bouwmeester rumour mill: Flor and Canucks have agreed to Raymond and a first, but the Flor wants something significant added #nhltrade (8 minutes ago)

1:02 pm CST – Breaking news out of Pittsburgh.  According to Sportsnet.ca, Bill Guerin has been traded to the Pens.  Still awaiting word of whom for, but that is a huge piece added to the Penguins.

1:05 pm CST - Confirmation from TSN.  Billy G is now a Penguin.

1:07 pm CST - TSN is now reporting that the Dominic Moore to the ‘Hawks deal is no longer a done deal and that the deal may have fallen apart.  Updates will come as soon as I know anything.

1:09 pm CST - Confirmation from TFP that the Moore deal isn’t done.  Moore’s still in the mix, it just hasn’t been finalized.  Also, Tampa Bay isn’t done dealing, according to TFP and the Avs continue to field calls for Ryan Smyth and Marek Svatos.

1:12 pm CST - E.J. Hradek of ESPN reports that the Derek Morris sweepstakes are heating up, with Washington, Philly and the NY Rangers as the frontrunners.

1:14 pm CST - Sportsnet.ca is reporting two things of interest.  First, Bill Guerin was traded for a conditional draft pick and second, the Flyers have dropped out of the running for JayBo.

1:18 pm CST - Per Andy Strickland of Hockeybuzz, there may be a deal in the works with the Blues involving Keith Tkachuk.

1:22 pm CST - From Mike Russo at the Minneapolis Star-Trib:

I am told by a very good source that Marian Gaborik is in play right now, meaning the Wild’s working the phones.

Very interesting indeed.

1:27 pm CST - Per TFP, Chris Neil has been dealt to Florida.  No word as to for whom yet, but I can only assume it’s not for JayBo.

1:30 pm CST - Hockeybuzz, vaugely as usual, is now saying that Edmonton has a major deal in the works.  Also, Montreal is now in the Gaborik picture.

1:35 pm CST - Less than a half-hour left until the end of the world trade deadline is up.  Things are really starting to heat up now.  Also, keep in mind that trades can be made after the deadline as long as they were submitted to the league offices prior to the deadline.  All trades are subject to league approval, and they will approve or deny trades submitted up until the deadline.

2:00 pm CST - Back from another meeting and the deadline is officially up.  Three trades have occurred in the last 20 minutes.  Per Sportsnet, Daniel Carcillo was traded from Phoenix to Philadelphia for Scottie Upshall and a 2nd round pick, Toronto traded Nik Antropov to the Rangers for a 2nd round pick and a conditional pick and Derek Morris was traded from Phoenix to the Rangers.  I’ll keep updating (though probably not as frequently) now that the deadline is up, because as I mentioned deals can still get approved.

2:36 pm CST – From Mike Russo’s blog:

I think what this tells you is exactly what’s been reported the past few days; it’s been, to quote Doug Risebrough, “surprisingly quiet” for the Wild.

The team maintains that it will not trade its core players like Mikko Koivu and Brent Burns or its young talent like James Sheppard, Colton Gillies and Tyler Cuma.

What that left were UFA’s like Stephane Veilleux and Marc-Andre Bergeron, and there clearly wasn’t a market or the Wild would have likely moved them. This has been the quietest trade deadline leaguewide I’ve ever seen.

It clearly has to do with how many teams are close to the salary cap ceiling and how uncertain the economic future is in the league. Teams are also not willing to give up prospects and high draft picks unless it’s guaranteed they’re going to go far.

I was told by a very good source that Marian Gaborik was in play, but clearly the Wild wasn’t able to find a market. 

Assistant GM Tom Lynn said the Wild was in a “major deal” up until this morning, and then it fell through.

This is pretty telling of the deadline in general this season.  Very, very quiet.  A lot of talk and not a lot of action on a whole.  We may continue to see a few move trickle down after the deadline, but on a whole, the wheeling and dealing is done.

2:38 pm CST - According to TFP, the NHL Central Registry is fairly backlogged at the moment, so trades will likely continue to come in.  Also, Tampa Bay traded Steve Eminger to Florida for Noah Welch and a 3rd round pick, Buffalo traded a 2nd round pick to Toronto for Dominic Moore, Atlanta traded Erik Christiensen to Anaheim for Eric O’Dell and Calgary traded Kevin Lalande to Columbus for a 4th round pick.

2:41 pm CST - Trades continue to roll in.  Kyle McLaren was traded from San Jose to Philadelphia for a 6th round pick and Anaheim traded Sammy Pahlsson to Chicago for James Wisniewski.

2:45 pm CST - San Jose gets Travis Moen and Kent Huskins from Anaheim.  No word on what is coming back the other way yet.

2:51 pm CST - Big trade coming to Carolina.  Patrick O’Sullivan has been traded from LA.  No word on who is coming back.  The others involved in the Anaheim/San Jose deal are Nick Bonnino, Tim Pielmeier and a conditional pick going to Anaheim.

3:10 pm CST - Interesting development in the O’Sullivan trade.  Carolina traded Justin Williams to LA for O’Sullivan, then turned around and traded O’Sullivan and a 2nd Round pick to Edmonton for Erik Cole.  Also, Edmonton traded a 2nd Round pick to Buffalo for Ales Kotalik.

3:15 pm CST – Per Hockeybuzz, the return for Derek Morris was Petr Prucha, Nigel Dawes and Dimitri Kalinin.

3:18 pm CST - Wow…Here’s the minor trade that Toronto made with Tampa that there were some rumblings about.  Toronto’s getting Olaf Kolzig, Jamie Heward, Andy Rogerd and a 4th round pick and Tampa is getting Richard Petiot.  A huge salary dump by Tampa Bay.  Petiot’s total NHL experience?  2 games.

3:20 pm CST - Sportsnet is reporting that Vancouver was in it until the end on JayBo, but the final price was just too high for GM Mike Gillis to pull the trigger.

Well, it’s been real and it’s been fun…Heck…It’s been real fun today!  I’m shutting down for the day, but I will be back on later today with some analysis on how the day went.  Until then, if you have any questions, comments or verbal abuse, you can reach me at blake.benzel@gmail.com.

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