Madsen Out

Wild’s 2007 fourth round draft pick Morten Madsen has called it quits and headed for Sweden for the remainder of the final year of his 3 year entry level contract with the Wild.

My colleague, Andrew Ferraro, over at The Third Intermission provided some analysis this morning.

Madsen had been a scratch in most, if not all, of regular season play thus far, so I suppose my spidey-sense should have tingled that something was up. As Andrew alluded, it’s not entirely a surprise.

He was pretty slick in the shootout though, so that part of his game will certainly be missed, as I suspect this Aeros team is going to be participating in their fair share of them this year.


2 Responses to “Madsen Out”
  1. bcbenzel says:

    Ms. C…It seems as if this has been a common theme with the Aeros over the last couple seasons. Do you think this is due to the coaching staff? Or just the temperment of the players that are heading back overseas?

  2. Ms. Conduct says:

    I think it’s a combination of factors. Madsen’s not a dumb guy and the writing was on the wall. He wasn’t even on the bubble for the Wild. His paycheck was getting a 7k cut this contract year, and he can make plenty more than that in Europe.

    Plus, I don’t think it’s any secret that he just never cottoned to Constantine’s style or system. Didn’t want to be a checker, but didn’t consistently exhibit the talent to be a top line guy except when better players were out.

    I have a hard time looking at others who have left and thinking, “I see a trend.” I think it’s just more acceptable to play in Europe now, especially when you’re otherwise in the AHL and can make more money, have bigger crowds, etc. Yes, the coaching staff is a factor, but I don’t mean that as a knock on the coaching staff at all. I’ve seen lots of guys flourish here and heap praise on Constantine after moving on. But I do think you have to have a certain temperament to appreciate his style.

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