The Wild Nation NHL ’10 Mixtape

Who’s got two thumbs and loves video games?

This guy.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m a huge video game nerd as well as a huge fan of music.  So, in the interest of that and, in conjunction of the release of the track list for the soundtrack of NHL ’10, here is my 18-song NHL ’10 mixtape.

  1. Typical by Mute Math
  2. If You Could See Into My Soul by Silverstein
  3. Everyday Combay by Lostprophets
  4. The Downfall of Us All by A Day to Remember
  5. Welcome Home by Coheed & Cambria
  6. The City Is At War by Cobra Starship
  7. Get Your Back Off the Wall by Family Force 5
  8. The Likes of You Again by Flogging Molly
  9. Paralyzer by Finger Eleven
  10. Fight Like This by Decyfer Down
  11. Secret Crowds by Angels and Airwaves
  12. Wings of a Butterfly by H.I.M.
  13. Undead by Hollywood Undead
  14. Weightless by All Time Low
  15. Low (Travis Barker Remix) by Flo Rida
  16. Party In Your Bedroom by Cash Cash
  17. One Thousand Apologies by Demon Hunter
  18. Toxic by A Static Lullaby

So there are my 18.  What are yours?

EA Sports Releases Soundtrack for NHL ’10

So I’m going to be honest.  I’m a big nerd.  I love video games and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

My most recent addictions are the new UFC game and Left 4 Dead, but I’m not going to lie…All of these are merely a stopgap for the one important game coming out September 15 — NHL ’10.  Like all puckhead gamers, I’ll be setting aside a good portion of my time to sitting down and wasting my life away in front of my TV and, like all puckhead gamers, I’m absolutely rabid for any small snippet of information regarding the game.

In addition to being a huge video game nerd, I’m also a huge music nerd.  I’ve been playing some sort of instrument since I was about 6 years old and I grab at any music I can get my hands on whenever I can.

Why am I telling you this?  To explain the excitement that this announcement from EA holds for me.

Businesswire has released the soundtracks to EA’s 2010 line up of sports games, and here are EA’s picks for NHL ’10:

The complete in-game soundtrack for NHL 10:

Alexisonfire   Young Cardinals
Cancer Bats   Deathsmarch
CKY   Hellions On Parade
Disco Ensemble   Golden Years
Drangonforce   Heroes Of Our Time
Eagles Of Death Metal   Anything ‘Cept The Truth
Earl Greyhound   Oye Vaya
Green Day   Know Your Enemy
Megadeth   Peace Sells
Metalkpretty   Wake Up! Wake Up!
Ministry & Co-Conspirators   Keys To The City (Chicago Blackhawks Theme Song)
MxPx   Kids In America
Nickelback   Burn It To The Ground
Papa Roach   Into The Light
Priestess   Raccoon Eyes
Rancid   The Bravest Kids
Scorpions   Rock You Like A Hurricane
Thousand Foot Krutch   Fire It Up

My initial response to this is that it is a fairly broad span of punk, indie and alt-rock bands.  You’ve got your platinum-selling artists (Megadeth, Nickelback, Greenday) and your relative unknowns (Cancer Bats, Disco Ensamble, Metalkpretty).  The recent years of NHL games have resonated with me musically, because they are typically the type of music that I listen to the most, which is why I get so excited about seeing their line ups.

I am a bit disappointed that there are a few more well known bands on this edition, as editions past tended to lean a little more towards more unknown bands, but bands like CKY, Alexisonfire and Thousand Foot Krutch leave me very hopeful for the latest iteration of NHL’s soundtrack.

But I’m interested in seeing what my good and faithful reader(s) have to say about this.  What are your thoughts?  And, heck, while we’re at it, let’s throw together a little mixtape action here.  I’m going to post my 18-song soundtrack for NHL ’10, personalized to me.  Let’s hear yours!