UPDATED: Wild Equipment Bus Catches Fire

We at Wild Nation all knew that the Wild were on fire.  Just not how much. 

According to the sketchy reports thus far, somewhere between their practice at the Kanata Rec Center and the short drive back to Scotiabank Place, their equipment simply caught fire. 

Firefighters were called to put out the blaze, but much of the team’s equipment (including all of goalie Niklas Backstrom’s gear) was destroyed. 

Obviously, the team is in complete scramble mode trying to find new equipment and trying to find out what happened. 

According to Wild.com, Equipment Manager Brent Proulx (who travels with the team on the road) will be boarding a plane back to the Twin Cities tonight where he will gather replacement equipment along with Assistant Equipment Manager Matt Benz and Chris Pietrzak-Wagner and will board a plane bound for Ottawa at 5:30 AM tomorrow morning. 

New is still sketchy, but a couple enterprising tweeters took pictures with their cell phones. 

As you can see from the link, more than a little of the equipment was destroyed.  There’s no question that this will likely greatly affect the team, but they have been in contact with the league as to what exactly will happen. 

No word on the league’s response has come as of yet. 

No one was injured in the fire.

UPDATE: According to Mike Russo, the Wild will be having a team meeting at 6 PM EST.  Russo reports that there is a lot of concern amongst the players about playing in new equipment and that it’s not just a “feel” thing.  Players are concerned about safety as well.  Braces and other safety equipment were destroyed in the fire.  As Russo said, “How do you just throw a new knee brace on a player without making sure it fits properly?”

UPDATE #2: Russo has just spoken with Andrew Brunette following the team’s meeting.  Brunette’s response?  “Looks like we’re going to try to play, I guess.”  This certainly isn’t shaping up nicely for the Wild tomorrow night.  Either way, how the Wild responds to this adversity could very well define their team and their season.

More as it comes.

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